Whse. Internal Pick Window

Contains the lines for items that you want to remove from a pick-type bin without referring to a source document. For example, the production line needs a couple of components beyond those that were planned on the bill of materials. Or, if company policy permits, a sales person needs to temporarily remove an item for demonstration to a potential customer.

When you perform a warehouse internal pick, the items are still part of inventory (and are still registered to a bin in the warehouse), but they are not necessarily (depending on the bin where you have placed them) part of available inventory that can fulfill other production or shipment orders. For example, if you try to create a warehouse internal pick for a quantity that has been fully reserved to various source documents, then the quantity does not appear available, and the warehouse internal pick will not be created.

To move reserved items between bins without referring to source documents, use the Internal Movement or Movement Worksheet windows. For more information, see How to: Move Items Ad Hoc in Basic Warehousing and How to: Move Items in Advanced Warehousing respectively.


When the location is set up to use directed put-away and pick, and therefore bin types, you cannot manually move items in or out of a bin of bin type RECEIVE, because items that are in a RECEIVE-type bin must be registered as being put away before they are part of available inventory.


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