Enhanced Document Management

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can archive documents and track work across archived and non-archived documents.

Archiving Documents

You can use enhanced archive document management to:

  • Archive blanket orders

  • Copy documents

  • Track document lines

Archiving Blanket Orders

You can archive blanket sales and purchase orders, and use archived blanket sales and purchase orders to create standard sales and purchase orders.

You can automatically archive the following each time a quote or order is deleted:

  • Sales and purchase quotes

  • Blanket sales and blanket purchase orders

  • Sales and purchase orders

You can delete the archived version of the blanket purchase orders or blanket sales orders that have been deleted using the Delete Archived Blanket Purchase Order Version batch job or Delete Archived Blanket Sales Order Version batch job. Also, you can copy details from an archived blanket order to an order.

Tracking Document Lines

You can select a document line within a document type, and view and retrieve the related documents. You can track document lines from:

  • Orders

  • Archived orders

  • Blanket orders

  • Archived blanket orders

  • Quotes

  • Archived quotes

  • Posted shipments

  • Posted invoices

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