Task 4: Step 1 Data Conversion

To perform the step 1 data conversion, follow the steps in this topic, using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic client.

To perform step 1 data conversion

  1. In the Classic client, open Object Designer, and then select form 104001, Upgrade - Old Version.

  2. Choose Run.

  3. Choose Transfer Data.

    This runs codeunit 104045, Upgrade NAV 7 Step 1. Run the codeunit one time for each company in your database.

    To correct any errors that may occur, select the error in the Upgrade Error Log window and choose Show. This will open the relevant page and, where it is possible, show the specific record with the error. Microsoft Dynamics NAV stores the last successfully processed table in the State Indicator table.

  4. To see status information for what has been upgraded, on the Upgrade - Old Version page, choose Status, Status Indicator.

  5. To see the size of your database, run report 104001, Table Information.

    Note the size of the database as indicated in the report. You can print this report if needed. You will need this information in Task 6 when you set the size for your new database.

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