Sending Data to Microsoft Excel

You can use integration with Microsoft Excel to create Excel-based reports that have Microsoft Dynamics NAV pages or queries as data sources. The data in Excel is provided in a data region format that you use to create PivotTables and reports. You can refresh data in Excel to reflect updates that are made in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


If you open a page in Excel, you cannot import changes to the data back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Integration with Excel

You can send data to Excel in different ways:

When you send data to Excel, the data opens in the Excel Web App if you have configured Microsoft Dynamics NAV to use Office 365 and the Office Web Apps. You can then edit the workbook in the Excel Web App, or you can open it in Excel for further processing. For more information, see Integrating with Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

If you export data to Microsoft Excel, you can save the save the workbook as an Excel workbook (.xlsx file). You can save the workbook locally, or you can save it to a shared location, such as a SharePoint site. If you want to import a budget from a workbook that is stored in a shared location, such as on a SharePoint site, Microsoft Dynamics NAV may show an error message. This can happen when the path is too long. In that case, you must navigate to the location and then choose the file. Alternatively, you can save the file locally and then import it.

Excel Add-in

After you have installed the Excel add-in, a new Dynamics NAV tab is added to the ribbon in Excel. You use commands on this tab to work with data that is exported from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Excel add-in is only available for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and only if you have Excel installed. For more information, see Integrating with Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Table Data Exporting

Only data from tables is included when you export data to Excel. For example, when you export data from the Planning Worksheet page, the Warning column is displayed on the page but is not exported to Excel because it is a calculated field.

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