Task 11: Step 2 Data Conversion

This topic describes how to perform the upgrade steps needed after step 2 of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 data conversion.

To perform step 2 data conversion

  1. Start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and verify the server connection. If the client opens and a Role Center is displayed, the connection is valid.


    The first time that you run the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, you will see an error message about a missing Client Add-In. This message is displayed because in the Role Center page for the default profile there is a Control Add-In, Microsoft Dynamics Business Chart control add-in. This add-in has not been declared in the Client Add-In table. Client Add-Ins are inserted later. For now, choose the OK button to continue.

  2. In the development environment, on the File menu, choose Company, choose Open, and then select the first company that you want to upgrade. You must repeat the procedure for each company in your database.

  3. In Object Designer, run page 104002, Upgrade - New Version.

    This opens page 104002, Upgrade - New Version, in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

  4. Check the value for SQL Server Name. If the value is incorrect, update it.

  5. Choose Test Database Connection to verify the connection.

  6. In the Upgrade - New Version page, choose Transfer Data.

    This runs codeunit 104048, Upgrade NAV 2009 Step 2.

  7. To correct any errors, select the error, and then choose Show. This opens the relevant page and if possible, shows the specific record with the error.

If the upgrade process was not completed, the State Indicator table will contain information about which tables have been upgraded and which tables have not been upgraded. If the upgrade completed successfully, the State Indicator table will be empty. To view the State Indicator table, choose Status, and then on the Upgrade - New Version page, choose Status Indicator.

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