Logging and Tracking Email Interactions

Email logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a service that allows email integration between Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This lets the user maintain information about current email messages in both systems. It also lets the user, a salesperson or a purchaser, share and publish information that has been communicated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV contacts.

How It Works

Email logging is designed to capture interactions between senders and recipients on the To: line of email messages. It captures the interactions that have been successfully concluded; interactions that are in a postponed state are not tracked.

Email logging uses Exchange Web Services to access an Exchange server. It uses a specified mail folder on the Exchange Server, called the queue folder. After an email message is retrieved from the queue folder, it is copied to another folder, called a storage folder. The email interaction is logged in the Interaction Log Entry table in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can view the entries in the Interaction Log Entries window.


You must configure Exchange to allow public folders. This configuration is different across versions of Exchange. For more information, see Public folders in Exchange Server 2013.

Email Logging Rules

The following table describes how mail messages are processed after they arrive in the Queue folder.

Condition Action

Email message is tagged Normal, and there is a valid email address in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the salesperson and the contact.

The message is logged, if there is no duplicate message.

Email message in queue folder is tagged Sensitive.

The message is deleted. If the email message is marked with a sensitivity level other than Normal, that is, Private, Personal, or Confidential, the message is deleted.

Email address is not registered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The message is not copied to the storage folder. Email logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to log interactions only between salespersons and purchasers, and their known contacts. It does not track interactions with customers.

Email message is a duplicate of a message in storage folder.

The message is not copied to the storage folder and is deleted from the queue folder. The message is examined for a match.

Email address is longer than 80 characters.

The message is not copied and is deleted from the queue folder.

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