SQL Server Database Components

SQL Server database components configure Microsoft SQL Server to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

If SQL Server is not present on the computer where you install the database components, then Setup automatically installs SQL Server Express 2014, which you can use for prototyping, developing, and testing. We recommend that you use SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2012 in production environments.

If you are installing the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database, Setup will automatically install SQL Server Express 2014 if it does not find an existing NAVDEMO instance in SQL Server. So if you intend to install the CRONUS database to an existing SQL Server installation, remember to create a NAVDEMO instance in SQL Server before you run Microsoft Dynamics NAV Setup.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV Setup, SQL Server database components are a default component for the Developer Option. You can add the components to the Server Option or as part of a custom installation.

When you have installed the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SQL Server database components on a database server, you can create new Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment, by using the development environment commands, or by using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

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