The marketing features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV help you manage and support your marketing and sales efforts. With these features, you have access to complete and accurate information so you can focus your interactions on preferred customer segments.

You can target potential customers by using different kinds of marketing campaigns. You can group customers based on common characteristics. You can then segment your customers into different mailing groups, for instance, according to the data gained from profiling. Examples of marketing campaigns could be advertisements, television commercials, direct mail, or e-mail marketing campaigns.

Good sales and marketing practices are all about how to make the best decisions at the right time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a precise and timely overview of your contact information so that you can serve your prospective customers more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

The marketing features enable you to:

  • Improve the success of your customer relationship management (CRM) efforts and increase productivity.

  • Make well-informed decisions about customers and sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Customize the solution to fit your processes and grow your business.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.

To See

Set up the marketing features and start to create customer groups.

Configure Marketing Processes

Create a systematic way to collect and classify information about contact companies and contact individuals within those companies.

Create and Manage Contacts

Create a marketing campaign, and set up action item triggers or to-dos, for example, such as scheduling when to send follow-up letters.

Develop Marketing Plan

Define a segment of contacts, associate them with a marketing campaign that includes specified activities, and move leads into sales.

Conduct Campaign

See Also

Other Resources

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