Consolidation Code Field, Dimension Table

Specifies the code that is used for consolidation.

Do not make an entry here unless the entire company, including dimensions, will be transferred to the consolidated company when you consolidate.

If you are transferring the entire company, enter the dimension code in the consolidated company that corresponds to the dimension code in this business unit. For example, to consolidate the dimension Area in this business unit into the Area dimension in the consolidated company, enter Area here.

The table should be completed like this:

Code Name Consolidation Code


Sales Area


By using both the dimension and dimension value consolidation codes, you can create a company-specific consolidation from business unit to consolidated company.


You can give the same consolidation code to several dimensions if you want the entries for these dimensions to be added together when you consolidate.

The consolidation code is only used when the company is consolidated.


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Dimension Table General Ledger

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