Job Post WIP to G/L Batch Job

Posts to the general ledger the work in process (WIP) that you calculated by using the Job Calculate WIP batch job.

Any WIP that has been posted to the general ledger earlier for the jobs that you have included on the Job FastTab is reversed.

Each time that you run this batch job, the program creates WIP general ledger entries based on the Job WIP Entries window for the jobs that are included. These WIP general ledger entries are then posted to the general ledger. You can see the WIP general ledger entries for each job in the Job WIP Entries window.


Field Description

Reversal Posting Date

Enter the posting date for the general ledger entries that are posted by this function.

Reversal Document No.

Enter a document number for the general ledger entries that are posted by this function.

Reverse Only

Select this field if you want to reverse previously posted WIP, but not to post new WIP to the general ledger. This is useful, for example, when you have calculated and posted WIP for a job with an incorrect date and want to reverse the incorrect postings without posting new WIP entries.

Use Reversal Date

Select this field if you want to use the reversal date as the posting date for both the reversal of the previous WIP calculation and the posting date for the new WIP calculation. If the field is empty, the program uses the WIP Posting Date in the job WIP entries as the posting date for the WIP general ledger entries. This is useful when you want to calculate and post the historical WIP for a period that is already closed. You can reverse the old postings and post the new calculation in an open period by choosing a reversal date in the open period.


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