How to: Create New Versions of Routings

The version principle enables you to manage several versions of a routing. The structure of the routing version corresponds to the structure of the routing consisting of the routing version header and the routing version lines. The basic difference is defined by the starting date.

To create a new versions of a routing

  1. In the Search box, enter Routings, and then choose the related link.

  2. Select the routing to be copied.

  3. On the Navigate tab, in the Routing group, choose Versions.

  4. Create a new version of the routing. On the Home tab, in the New group, choose New.

  5. In the Version Code field, you enter the unique identification of the version. Any combination of numbers and letters is permitted.

    The newly created version is automatically assigned the status New.

  6. To create operations lines, select the first blank link. Fill in the Operation No. field according to the sequence of operations. The operation lines are sorted in ascending order by operation numbers. To be able to make changes later, we recommend you to select adequate step widths.

    The Next Operation No. field refers to the following operation. The number of the operation can be entered directly. If the column is not visible, open the shortcut menu for the column headings, and then choose Choose Columns to add it.

    The correct sequence of operations is checked before setting the status to Certified.

  7. Fill in the fields. Some of the fields are filled in automatically when the machine or work center is entered.

You can enter comments for each operation and assign tools, personnel, and quality measures in the same way as you do for routings.

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