How to: Insert Extended Text

To insert extended text on a document, you must define the extended text and you must set up the document you want to use the extended text in.

To insert extended text

  1. Create the document in which you want to insert extended text.

  2. Fill in one or more lines with items and quantities of your choice.

  3. In the Type field on the next line, select the blank code.

  4. In the No. field, enter the extended text code.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV inserts the extended text lines which will appear on the printed document.

If you set up the extended text to be inserted only on sales orders, for example by selecting the Sales Order field on the Sales FastTab, you can still enter the extended text code on other types of documents, but then only the first line of the text, the line in the Standard Text Codes window, will be inserted.

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