Analysis by Dimensions Window

Displays amounts derived from analysis views set up by you. You can analyze activities using dimensions information. The dimensions available in the window also include Date and G/L Account.

You fill in the fields in the Analysis by Dimensions window:

By selecting dimensions for each axis in the matrix window, you can analyze entries from various perspectives. You can also filter entries in the window to create a highly specific picture of your company's activities.

You select Net Change or Balance at Date in the View as field to see these amounts in different ways. You select the period in the View by field.

When you click Show Matrix, the matrix window is displayed. The columns in the matrix display the following information:

Column Displays


This column shows the code given to a dimension value.


This column shows the name given to a dimension value.

Total Amount

This column shows the Total Amount for the amount type that you chose in the Show field.


Each column in the matrix to the right of the window shows amounts based on an analysis view.


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