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The warehouse activity of putting items away after they are received or output is performed in different ways depending on how warehouse management features are configured. The setup complexity can rank from no warehouse features, through basic warehousing for order-by order handling in one or more activities only, to advanced configurations where all warehouse activities must be performed in a directed workflow.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.

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Get an overview of the different ways to put items away depending on the complexity of the warehouse configuration.

Putting Items Away

Print a list of the items to put away for one or more orders.

Put-away List

Post the receipt of items directly in the inbound order document because no warehouse features exist. (Works the same for purchase, transfer, and production orders.)

"Posting Purchase Orders" in Processing Purchase Orders

Put items away order by order and post the receipt in the same activity, in a basic warehouse configuration.

How to: Put Items Away with Inventory Put-aways

Put produced items away in a basic warehouse configuration.

"Put Away Output from the Inventory Put-away Document" in Putting Away Production Output

Put items away for multiple orders in an advanced warehouse configuration.

How to: Put Items Away with Warehouse Put-aways

Put produced items away in an advanced warehouse configuration.

"Put Away Output with Internal Put-away or Movement" in Putting Away Production Output

Get immediate access to put-aways assigned to you as a warehouse worker.

How to: Find Your Warehouse Assignments

Plan optimized put-away instructions for a number of posted warehouse receipts rather than have warehouse workers act directly on receipts.

How to: Plan Put-aways in Worksheets

Put back items that were picked technically with an internal pick, for example for a production order that did not consume the expected quantity.

"Create a Put-away from the Internal Put-away" in Picking and Putting Away Without a Source Document

Create or recreate deleted put-away lines on the basis of posted warehouse receipts lines, in an advanced warehouse configuration.

How to: Create Put-aways from Posted Receipts

Break a larger unit of measure into smaller units of measure when creating warehouse instructions.

"Breakbulk in Put-aways" in Automatic Break Bulk for Directed Put-away and Pick

Assign new serial/lot numbers to items as they enter inventory to enable tracking of the items after they are sold and while they are in inventory.

How to: Assign Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers During Inbound Transactions

Split a put-away line to place part of the put-away quantity in available bins because the designated bin is filled up.

How to: Split Warehouse Activity Lines

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