How to: Create Blanket Sales Orders

Use blanket orders when a customer has agreed to buy large quantities that are to be delivered in several smaller shipments over a certain period of time. For more information, see About Blanket Sales Orders.

The topic contains the following sections:

  • To create a blanket sales order.

  • To create a sales order from a blanket sales order.

To create a blanket sales order

  1. In the Search box, enter Blanket Sales Orders, and then choose the related link.

  2. On the Home tab, in the New group, choose New. Create a new blanket sales order.

  3. In the No. field, you can press the Enter key to select the next available number. Fill in the Sell-to Customer No. field.

  4. Leave the Order Date field blank. When the separate sales orders are created from the blanket order, the order date of the sales order is set to equal the actual work date.

    On the Lines FastTab, create separate lines for each shipment. For instance, if your customer wants 1000 units split out equally between four weeks, you would enter four separate lines of 250 units each.

  5. Select Item in the Type field for each line, and fill in the No. field.

  6. In the Quantity field, for each line, type the amount to be ordered for this line.

    The Qty. to Ship field is filled in automatically to indicate the quantity that the sales orders are to be created for on the respective shipment dates.

  7. In the Shipment Date field for each line, enter the date this item must be shipped.

  8. Choose the OK button.

To create a sales order from a blanket sales order

  1. To create an order for any of the lines in the blanket assembly order, remove the quantity in the Qty. to Ship field on all the lines that you DO NOT wish to ship at this time.

  2. When you are ready to create orders, on the Actions tab, in the Process group, choose Make Order, and then choose Yes. A message appears informing you that the blanket order has been assigned an order number. Note that the blanket order has not been deleted.

  3. Choose the OK button.

  4. To see the results of the preceding steps, on the Lines FastTab, choose ActionsAction Menu icon, choose Line, choose Unposted Lines, and then choose Orders.

  5. In the Sales Lines window, select the appropriate sales order, on the Lines FastTab, choose ActionsAction Menu icon, choose Line, and then choose Show Document.

The following applies to sales orders after they have been created from blanket sales orders:

  • After the blanket order is converted into a sales order, the sales order contains all the lines from the blanket order. The lines where the quantity in the Qty. to Ship field was deleted appear, but with blank Quantity fields. You may choose to leave, edit, or delete the lines.

  • It is important to remember that the sales order line quantity must not exceed the quantity of the associated blanket order line. Otherwise, posting of the sales order will not be possible.

  • When the sales order is posted as shipped and/or invoiced, the Quantity Shipped and Quantity Invoiced fields are updated on the related blanket order.

  • The blanket order number and line number are recorded as properties of the sales lines when created from a blanket order.

  • When sales orders are not created directly from the blanket order but still relate to it, a link between a sales order and a blanket order can be established by entering the associated blanket order number in the Blanket Order No. field on the sales order line.

  • After the sales order has been created for the total quantity of a blanket order line, no other sales order can be created for the same line. Users are prevented from entering a quantity in the Qty. to Ship field. If, however, additional quantities need to be added to a blanket order, the value in the Quantity field can be increased and additional orders can then be created.

  • The invoiced blanket sales order remains in the system until it is deleted, either by deleting individual blanket orders or by running the Delete Invd Blnkt Sales Orders batch job.

  • If a customer is also recorded as a contact in the Marketing application area, and if you have specified an interaction template code for blanket sales order in the Marketing Setup window, an interaction is recorded in the Interaction Log Entry table when you select Print to print the blanket sales order.

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