How to: Add Charts to Role Centers and List Pages

When you have complex information, you may want to view a visual representation of the data to help see trends and make decisions. For example, you may want to monitor the balances per bank account for your company in a chart.

You use the chart pane to visually show data from a list on the following types of pages:

  • On your Role Center, where you can select from predefined generic charts.

  • On a list page, where you can select to view a list as a chart.

To add a generic chart to your Role Center

  1. On your Role Center, on the Application menu Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application menu, select Customize, and then Customize this Page.

  2. In the Customize the Role Center window, in the Available parts field, select Chart Part, and then choose Add.

  3. Use the Move Up, Move Down, Move Left, and Move Right buttons to position the Chart Part on your Role Center.

  4. Choose Customize Part.

  5. In the Customize Chart window, select the predefined chart that you want to display, and then choose the OK button.

To view a list as a chart

  1. On the list page, select Show as Chart.

  2. Select a measure and a dimension to create a custom chart. To see additional information, select a secondary dimension. For example, to create a simple bar chart, select a dimension on the x-axis, and then select the Dimension Count dimension on the y-axis.


By default, the chart pane is hidden because it can slow down performance. You should only show the chart when you must have the information.

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