How to: Add or Remove Columns in a List or on Document Lines

To get a better overview of the information that you need, you can customize list pages and card pages by adding or removing columns in the grids.


Depending on the setting in the UI Elements Removal field in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool, only fields that you have permissions for will appear in the list of columns to add or remove. For more information, see How to: Specify How UI Elements Are Removed.

You can make multiple customizations of the same page based on different access points to the page. For example, you can customize that columns in the Sales Orders window look different when the window is opened from the Customer Card window than when it is opened from your Role Center. The point from which you access the page to be customized is recorded in that specific page customization. Accordingly, there may be multiple customization records for the same page under your logon, as you can see in the Delete User Personalization window.

To add or remove columns in a list or on document lines

  1. Open the shortcut menu for a column header and then choose Choose Columns.

  2. In the Choose Columns window, the Available columns field contains columns that are hidden. The Show columns in this order field contains columns that are shown.

  3. Select the column that you want to add or remove. Use the Add and Remove buttons to move columns from one field to the other. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to position the columns.

To restore default settings

  • In the Customize window, choose Restore Defaults, and then choose the OK button.


    All customization of columns that you have ever made for this page under your current user logon or since you last used the Restore Defaults button are canceled. The layout of columns on the page is reset to the default configuration for your profile. For more information, see How to: Cancel UI Personalization.

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