OCR Data Correction Window

Specifies the fields on the Financial Information FastTab in the Incoming Document window, laid out in two columns where you can correct any wrong field values that have resulted from receiving an electronic document from the OCR service.

Because OCR is based on optical recognition, it is likely that the OCR service will interpret characters in your PDF or image files wrongly when it first processes documents from a certain vendor, for example. It may not interpret the company logo as the vendor’s name or it may misinterpret the total amount on an expense receipt because of its layout. To avoid such errors going forward, you can correct data received by the OCR service and then send the feedback to the service.

The OCR Data Correction window, which you open from the Incoming Document window, shows the fields from the Financial Information FastTab in two columns, one with the OCR data editable and one with the OCR data read-only. When you choose the Send Correction Feedback button, the content of the OCR Data Correction window is sent to the OCR service. Next time the service processes PDF or image files that contain the data in question, your corrections will be incorporated to avoid the same errors. For more information, see How to: Train the OCR Service to Avoid Errors.


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