Manage access using Unified Service Desk security roles

You must assign the two Unified Service Desk security roles to appropriate users or teams. The USD Administrator role must be assigned to the users who will be configuring the application using CRM to define an agent application. The USD Agent role must be assigned to the end users (agents) who will be using the client application to connect to the CRM instance with the configured Unified Service Desk entities.

You must also assign the appropriate CRM security role to the Unified Service Desk administrators and agents along with the Unified Service Desk security role to facilitate appropriate access on the CRM entities along with the custom Unified Service Desk and UII entities. For example, you should assign the Customer Service Representative role along with the USD Agent role to the agents.

For information about assigning a security role to a user or team in CRM, see Manage users or Manage teams in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Guide.

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