How to: Parse Strings Using the Split Method (C++/CLI)


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The following code example demonstrates using the String.Split method to extract each word from a string. A string containing multiple types of word delineators is constructed and then parsed by calling Split with a list of the delineators. Then, each word in the sentence is displayed separately.


// regex_split.cpp  
// compile with: /clr  
using namespace System;  
int main()  
   String^ delimStr = " ,.:\t";  
   Console::WriteLine( "delimiter : '{0}'", delimStr );  
   array<Char>^ delimiter = delimStr->ToCharArray( );  
   array<String^>^ words;  
   String^ line = "one\ttwo three:four,five six seven";  
   Console::WriteLine( "text : '{0}'", line );  
   words = line->Split( delimiter );  
   Console::WriteLine( "Number of Words : {0}", words->Length );  
   for (int word=0; word<words->Length; word++)  
      Console::WriteLine( "{0}", words[word] );  
   return 0;  

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