Using the Interactive SDK

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

The Bing Maps Silverlight Control Interactive SDK is a Silverlight application that demonstrates features of the map control and provides the corresponding code to implement those features in your application.

Browse to the Interactive SDK Application

You can access the interactive SDK directly by clicking on the following link:

If Silverlight is not installed when you run the Interactive SDK, you can install it by clicking the Install Microsoft Silverlight icon that appears in the upper left corner of the web page when the application launches.

Use the Interactive SDK

With the Interactive SDK, you can:

  • Select items in the left-hand tree view to see features of the map control in action.

  • Switch from the Show Me tab to the Source Code tab to view XAML and C# code that correspond to the feature selected in the tree view.