MercatorMode.ConstrainView Method

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

Modifies the given parameters to valid values based on the mode limitations.

Namespace: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Core
Assembly: Microsoft.Maps.MapControl (in Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll)



Public Overrides Function ConstrainView ( _
    center As Location, _
    ByRef zoomLevel As Double, _
    ByRef heading As Double, _
    ByRef pitch As Double _
) As Boolean
public override bool ConstrainView (
    Location center,
    ref double zoomLevel,
    ref double heading,
    ref double pitch
virtual bool ConstrainView (
    Location^ center, 
    double% zoomLevel, 
    double% heading, 
    double% pitch
) override
public boolean ConstrainView (
    Location center, 
    /** @ref */ double zoomLevel, 
    /** @ref */ double heading, 
    /** @ref */ double pitch


  • center
    The location of the center of the view.
  • zoomLevel
    The zoom level of the view to modify.
  • heading
    The directional heading of the view to modify.
  • pitch
    The pitch of the view to modify.

Return Value

Returns a Boolean indicating if any of the values were changed.

Thread Safety

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