Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Core Namespace

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

The Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Core namespace contains core classes of the map control. More advanced users can override these classes to implement their own features, such as custom map modes or custom map layers.


Class Description
AttributionCollection Contains a collection of AttributionInfo objects.
AttributionInfo Contains map data and image attribution information.
CameraDescription This class is reserved for future use.
CollectionItemPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for the CollectionItemPropertyChanged event.
ConfigurationNotLoadedException Represents the exception that is thrown when a configuration has not loaded.
CopyrightManager Manages the copyright string.
CopyrightResult Contains copyright strings returned to the callback of the RequestCopyrightString method.
CredentialsInvalidException The exception that is thrown when the specified credentials are invalid.
CredentialsProvider Provides credentials used to authenticate requests. This class must be inherited.
FlatMapMode Represents a flattened map projection of the Earth. This class must be inherited.
MapBase Represents the abstract base map class. This class must be inherited.
MapConfiguration Contains asynchronous configuration settings. The configuration settings are loaded when an event handler is added to AsynchronousConfigurationLoaded.
MapConfigurationLoadedEventArgs Provides data for the Loaded event.
MapConfigurationSection Represents a section of the map configuration.
MapCore Represents the map.
MapMode Defines the base class for a map mode. This class must be inherited.
MapMode3D This class is reserved for future use.
MapShapeBase Represents the base class for a shape on the map. This class must be inherited.
MercatorMode Represents a Mercator map mode.
MercatorUtility Contains helper methods for Mercator projection calculations.
MultiScaleQuadTileSource Represents a tile source for a multi-scale image retrieved from a Mercator tile source.
NullMode Represents the null map mode.
TileSourceCollection Contains a collection of TileSource objects.
UriSchemeNotSupportedException Represents the exception that is thrown when the URI scheme used to host the map control is not supported.


Interface Description
IProjectable Defines the base interface for all UIElement objects that use a projection to render themselves on a map.


Structure Description
ProjectedPoint This class is reserved for future use.
QuadKey Represents a Bing Maps quadkey.


Delegate Description
MapConfigurationCallback Represents the callback function to call when the map configuration has loaded.


Enumeration Description
ModeBackground Contains background styles that allow the foreground controls to choose appropriate foreground styles.
ProjectionUpdateLevel Contains projection update levels based on the difference between LocationToViewportPoint and ViewportPointToLocation.