Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Navigation Namespace

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

The Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Navigation namespace contains classes that represent the default map navigation controls.


Class Description
ChangeMapModeButton Represents one of the buttons to change the map mode. By default the button is a radio button.
ChangeMapModeCommand Changes the map mode of the navigation bar.
CommandButton Represents a button that executes a command when clicked.
CommandRadioButton Represents a radio button that executes a command when clicked.
CommandSeparator Represents the separator between commands.
CommandToggleButton Represents a toggle button that executes a command when clicked.
Compass Represents the compass control.
CompassDragEventArgs Provides data for the DragDelta event.
CompassPanel Represents a custom panel used inside the template of a Compass control.
MapControlCompass Represents a customized or localized Compass control that can be added to a map.
MapControlNavigationBar Represents a customized or localized NavigationBar control that can be added to a map.
NavigationBar Represents the abstract base control used to navigate a MapBase object. This class must be inherited.
NavigationBarCommandBase Represents a command that is executed when a control on the navigation bar is invoked.
RotateMapCommand Represents the command that rotates a Birdseye map.
ToggleLabelsCommand Toggles map labels for modes that support them.
TrackMark Represents the vertical markings in a ZoomSlider control.
ZoomMapCommand Represents the command that adjusts the position of the slider on the ZoomSlider control on the NavigationBar.
ZoomSlider Represents the ZoomSlider element of the NavigationBar control.


Enumeration Description
NavigationBarCommandStatus Defines the state of a button on a NavigationBar control.