Select Action Dialog Box (Linked Table Repairs)

The Select Action dialog box enables you to handle errors that affect PowerPivot tables that are linked to Excel tables. To access this dialog box, in the Errors in Linked Tables Dialog Box, click Options.

When you create a table in Excel and then generate a linked table in the PowerPivot workbook, the tables are linked by name, and have identical data in them. However, the following changes to the Excel table can cause errors:

  • The name of the table in Excel has changed.

  • The table in Excel has been deleted.

  • The data in the Excel table has changed data types.

When you refresh a PowerPivot linked table and the source table in Excel has changed, this dialog box presents options for fixing the errors.

  • List of errors by number
    Click the right and left arrows to move through the list of errors, if there are multiple errors.

  • Error handling options
    Select one of the following options for each error in the list:

    Do Nothing

    Select to ignore the current error.

    Change Excel Table Name

    Select this option, and then type a new name for the PowerPivot linked table, or choose the name of an existing Excel linked table from the dropdown list.

    This option does not validate that the data in the tables match; it only changes the name of the linked table in the PowerPivot window. If you type a name of a table that does not exist in the Excel workbook, you will get an error the next time you try to update the table.

    Remove Link to Excel Table

    Select this option to delete the link between the table in Excel and the table in the PowerPivot window. Deleting the link does not affect the data in either table.

    Delete PowerPivot Table

    Select this option to delete the table in the PowerPivot window and any link between the tables. The table in the Excel workbook, if one exists, is not affected by this deletion.

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