IsSameAs Method (CalendarView Object)

IsSameAs Method (CalendarView Object)

Important  The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 Rendering objects are not installed by or supported for use with Exchange Server 2003 or later.

The IsSameAs method returns True if this CalendarView object is the same as the view object being compared against.


boolSame = objCalendarView.IsSameAs(varView)


On successful return, contains True if the two objects are the same.


Required. This CalendarView object.


Required. Object. The view object being compared against.


The varView parameter should be declared as an Object rather than as a CalendarView. This allows for comparison among different classes of view objects being held in a Views collection.

Two view objects are considered to be the same if and only if their pointer values are the same, that is, if and only if they are the identical object. Otherwise IsSameAs returns False.

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