MimeFormatted Property

MimeFormatted Property

The MimeFormatted property indicates whether this message is to be formatted using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) formatting scheme.


Property MimeFormatted as Boolean
HRESULT get_MimeFomratted(VARIANT_BOOL* pVal);
HRESULT put_MimeFomratted(VARIANT_BOOL Val);


If the MimeFormatted property is set to False and you set the HTMLBody property, Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) sets the MimeFormatted property to True. If you set the MimeFormatted property to False, the HTMLBody property is removed from the message and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) text is lost.

If you prepare a message with the MimeFormatted property set to True and later change it to False, all of the body parts are made into attachments and marked for encoding with the Uuencode mechanism. Encoding takes place only when you call the Send or Post method.

The default value of the MimeFormatted property is True.