ReceivedTime Property

ReceivedTime Property

The ReceivedTime property specifies the date and time the message is delivered to the server.


Property ReceivedTime as Date
HRESULT get_ReceivedTime(DATE* pVal);


This property is also available as the urn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived and urn:schemas:mailheader:received fields.

The ReceivedTime property is determined from the most recent Received: header field for the message. This field is normally the first one encountered in the message stream.

The date and time value is offset by the time zone as defined with the urn:schemas:calendar:timezoneid field in the associated Configuration object. If no time zone is specified, no offset is performed and the date and time are returned in coordinated universal time (UTC).

If the ReceivedTime property cannot be set from the headers, attempting to read it results in an error of CDO_E_PROP_NOT_FOUND.

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