Keywords Property

Keywords Property

The Keywords property is a list of keywords for this message.


Property Keywords as String
HRESULT get_KeyWords(BSTR* pVal);
HRESULT put_KeyWords(BSTR Val);


This property is also available as the urn:schemas:mailheader:keywords field.

The keywords of a message can be useful for determining if the message is of interest to the reader, or for searching for relevant messages in a collection.

The string in the Keywords property can represent a single keyword or multiple keywords. A keyword string can optionally contain spaces, such as the following:

"1997 payroll" 

Multiple keywords in the list are separated by commas, as in the following example:

"operating systems,Windows NT,functions" 

Because the comma is the delimiter of this field, a keyword cannot contain a comma. If you add a keyword that contains a comma, the result will be two keywords that are separated by the comma.

The default value of the Keywords property is an empty string.