GetFirst Method (AddressEntries Collection)

GetFirst Method (AddressEntries Collection)

The GetFirst method returns the first AddressEntry object in the AddressEntries collection. It returns Nothing if no first object exists.


Set objAddressEntry = objAddrEntriesColl.GetFirst( )


On successful return, represents the first AddressEntry object in the collection.


Required. The AddressEntries collection object.


The order that items are returned by GetFirst, GetLast, GetNext, and GetPrevious depends on whether the address entries are sorted or not. The AddressEntry objects within a collection can be sorted on a MAPI property of your choice, either ascending or descending, using the Sort method. When the items are not sorted, you should not rely on these methods to return the items in any specified order. The best programming approach to use with unsorted collections is to assume that the access functions are able to access all items within the collection, but that the order of the objects is not defined.

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