Sender Property

Sender Property

The Sender property specifies the messaging address of the submitter.


Property Sender as String
HRESULT get_Sender(BSTR* pVal);
HRESULT out_Sender(BSTR Val);


The difference between the From and Sender properties is that the Sender property identifies the address of the user or entity that actually submits the message, whereas the From property designates its principal author or authors. By convention, which is outlined in Request for Comments (RFC) 822, multiple addressees are not identified in the Sender property.

The Sender property is normally used under the following circumstances:

  1. Multiple addressees are listed in the From header. The sender is the e-mail address of the user or entity in the From field that actually submitted the message.
  2. The user or entity that is submitting the message is not included in the From field.

When posting a message, the Sender property is not used; the From property must be specified.

This property is also available as the urn:schemas:mailheader:sender and urn:schemas:httpmail:sender fields.

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