WriteToFile Method (Field Object)

WriteToFile Method (Field Object)

The WriteToFile method saves the field value to a file in the file system.




Required. The Field object.


Required. String. The full path and file name for the saved field, for example C:\DOCUMENT\BUDGET.XLS.


The WriteToFile method writes the string or binary value of the Field object to the specified file name. It overwrites any existing information in that file.

WriteToFile is not supported for simple types, such as vbInteger, vbLong, and vbBoolean. Microsoft® Visual Basic® provides common functions to read and write these base types to and from files. The WriteToFile method fails unless the Type property of the Field object is vbString or vbBlob.

MAPI properties of type PT_BINARY are represented in a hexadecimal string format by CDO but written to persistent storage in counted binary format. Comparison operations on the Value property and the actual contents of the file can return "not equal" even when the values are equivalent.

In addition, support for types can vary among providers. Not all providers support both the vbString and vbBlob property types.

WriteFromFile returns CdoE_INTERFACE_NOT_SUPPORTED on Field objects obtained from a Folder object's Fields collection. It also returns CdoE_INTERFACE_NOT_SUPPORTED on fields from an AppointmentItem object's Fields collection if the AppointmentItem represents an instantiated individual recurrence of a recurring appointment.

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