Configuration Property

Configuration Property

The Configuration property is an IConfiguration object reference on the Configuration object that is associated with the Message object.


Property Configuration as IConfigurationHRESULT get_Configuration(IConfiguration** pVal);
HRESULT put_Configuration(IConfiguration* Val);


The configuration settings used for the current message are contained in the Configuration object (exposing the IConfiguration interface) referenced by this property. To change the settings, you can retrieve a reference to the object and modify the settings using the IConfiguration.Fields collection, or you can create a new instance of the Configuration Component Object Model (COM) class, modify the settings, and set the object reference to the Configuration property.

If you do not explicitly set or modify the associated Configuration object, the message is processed using a default configuration. For optimal performance, it is recommended that you create a Configuration object, set the configuration fields manually, and set the object to the Configuration property on each Message object.

You cannot replace the default configuration. If you want to alter configuration information for messages, you must modify the fields in the Configuration object that is associated with each Message object. If you want to us a single configuration for a set of messages, you can simply create a new Configuration object, modify the fields, and then reference the Configuration object in all the intended messages.