EndTime Property (RecurrencePattern Object)

EndTime Property (RecurrencePattern Object)

The EndTime property returns or sets the ending date/time for each recurrence of the appointment. Read/write.



Data Type

Variant (vbDate format)


The EndTime property contains the time at which the appointment is to terminate every time it recurs. EndTime is always valid on a newly created RecurrencePattern object and defaults to the EndTime property of the AppointmentItem object that created this recurrence pattern.

The EndTime property ignores seconds and truncates the time component to the minute.

EndTime uses both the date and the time component of the vbDate format. When you read EndTime, you get the date/time of the end of the original appointment.

If the time component of EndTime is earlier than StartTime, each occurrence is treated as ending on the day after it starts.

The recurrence pattern's StartTime and EndTime properties are always held internally in the organizer's current time zone. By contrast, the AppointmentItem object's StartTime and EndTime properties are always held internally in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, also known as GMT). However, all these properties are converted to the local messaging user's current time zone whenever they are displayed or read programmatically.

Setting the EndTime property causes CDO to force certain other recurrence pattern properties into conformance. Duration is recalculated from StartTime and EndTime.

Changes you make to properties on a RecurrencePattern object take effect when you call the underlying appointment's Send or Update method.

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