LinkPattern Property (ObjectRenderer Object)

LinkPattern Property (ObjectRenderer Object)

Important  The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 Rendering objects are not installed by or supported for use with Exchange Server 2003 or later.

The LinkPattern property returns or sets a rendering source that determines how a link is rendered. Read/write.



Data Type



The LinkPattern property supplies rendering information for a link to the object currently specified in the DataSource property. The link is rendered by the RenderLink method. It can use the complete HTTP syntax or simply render a URL.

The LinkPattern property determines the appearance of the link in the HTML output. The following table shows which substitution tokens can be used. Note that their interpretations are not the same as for a Pattern objects RenderUsing property.

Substitution token

Attribute of object being linked


A special-purpose format with the name classpath for rendering a message objects message class.


The objects unique identifier, expressed as a hexadecimal string.


Any user-defined or system-defined named format.

Setting LinkPattern generates a Format object with the name message_Link and adds it to the object renderers Formats collection. This named format is for internal use only. You should always use the combination of RenderLink and LinkPattern to render any link.

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