Index Property (Attachment Object)

Index Property (Attachment Object)

The Index property returns the index number for the Attachment object within the Attachments collection. Read-only.



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The Index property indicates this attachment's position within the parent Attachments collection. It can be saved and used later with the collection's Item property to reselect the same attachment in the collection.

The first object in the collection has an Index value of 1.

An index value should not be considered a static value that remains constant for the duration of a session. It can be affected when other attachments are added and deleted. The index value is changed following an update to the Message object to which the Attachments collection belongs.

The Index property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library.


Function Attachments_GetByIndex()
Dim lIndex As Long
Dim objOneAttach As Attachment ' assume valid attachment
' set error handler here
If objAttachColl Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Must select an Attachments collection"
    Exit Function
End If
If 0 = objAttachColl.Count Then
    MsgBox "Must select collection with 1 or more attachments"
    Exit Function
End If
' prompt user for index; for now, use 1
Set objOneAttach = objAttachColl.Item(1)
MsgBox "Selected attachment 1: " & objOneAttach.Name
lIndex = objOneAttach.Index  ' save index to retrieve it later
' ... get same attachment object later
Set objOneAttach = objAttachColl.Item(lIndex)
If objOneAttach Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Error: could not reselect the attachment"
    MsgBox "Reselected attachment " & lIndex & _
            " using index: " & objOneAttach.Name
End If
Exit Function

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