MoveTo Method (Message Object)

MoveTo Method (Message Object)

The MoveTo method relocates the Message object to another folder.


Set objMovedMessage = objMessage.**MoveTo(**folderID [, storeID ] )


On successful return, contains the moved Message object.


Required. This Message object.


Required. String. The unique identifier of the destination Folder object in which this message is to appear.


Optional. String. The unique identifier of the InfoStore object in which the message is to appear, if different from this current InfoStore.


The current version of CDO does not support the MoveTo method on AppointmentItem objects.

All properties that have been set on this message are moved, whether they have read-only or read/write access. Each property is moved with its value and access unchanged.

The move operation takes effect immediately. This Message object is no longer accessible at its former location after the MoveTo method returns.

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