FollowUpTo Property

FollowUpTo Property

The FollowUpTo property lists the newsgroups to which any responses to this message should be posted.


Property FollowUpTo as String
HRESULT get_FollowUpTo(BSTR* pVal);
HRESULT put_FollowUpTo(BSTR Val);


This property is also available as the urn:schemas:mailheader:followup-to field.

The string in the FollowUpTo property can represent a single newsgroup or multiple newsgroups. A newsgroup name is a set of words concatenated by periods, and multiple newsgroups in the list are separated by commas, as shown in the following examples:

  • name.public.discussion
  • alt.sample,

A newsgroup name cannot contain a comma, and only existing newsgroups should be specified. If a newsgroup with a particular name does not exist, posting to that name does not cause the newsgroup to be created.

If the FollowUpTo property is not set, responses are posted to the newsgroups specified by the Newsgroups property.

The default value of the FollowUpTo property is an empty string.

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