Application Property (All CDO Library Objects)

Application Property (All CDO Library Objects)

The Application property returns the name of the active application, namely the Microsoft® Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Library. Read-only.



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The Application property always contains the string "Collaboration Data Objects".

By always returning the same string, CDO differs from other implementations of Automation servers. Many Automation servers are based on executable files, which take the extension .EXE and return an object value. CDO, being part of the MAPI subsystem, is implemented with dynamic-link libraries, which take the extension .DLL.

Since version 1.1, CDO is an in-process server, residing in a .DLL file and linking dynamically with the calling modules. In comparison with the former local server architecture, this removes the need for remote procedure calls (RPCs) across process boundaries and greatly improves the performance of CDO Library calls.

The version number of the CDO Library is available through the Session object's Version property.

The Application property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library.


' Function: Session_Application
' Purpose: Display the Application property of the Session object
' See documentation topic: Application property
Function Session_Application()
Dim objSession As Object ' or Dim objSession As MAPI.Session
' error handling ...
Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
If Not objSession Is Nothing Then
   objSession.Logon showDialog:=False
   MsgBox "Session's Application property = " & objSession.Application
End If
' error handling
End Function

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