Fields Property (Attachment Object)

Fields Property (Attachment Object)

The Fields property returns a single Field object or a Fields collection object. Read-only.







Integer. Value must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 65,535 (&HFFFF). Specifies the index within the Fields collection.


Long. Value must be greater than or equal to 65,536 (&H10000). Specifies the property tag value for the MAPI property to be retrieved.


String. Specifies the name of the custom MAPI property.

Data Type

Object (Field or Fields collection)


The Fields property returns one or all of the fields associated with an Attachment object. Each field typically corresponds to a MAPI property. Data types are preserved, except that MAPI counted binary properties are converted to and from character strings representing hexadecimal digits.

The Fields property provides a generic access mechanism that allows Microsoft® Visual Basic® and Microsoft® Visual C++® programmers to retrieve the value of a MAPI property using either its name or its MAPI property tag. For access with the property tag, use objAttachment.Fields(proptag), where proptag is the 32-bit MAPI property tag associated with the property, such as CdoPR_ATTACH_SIZE. To access a named property, use objAttachment.Fields(name), where name is a string that represents the custom property name.

Although the Fields property itself is read-only, the collection it returns can be accessed in the normal manner through its Add and Delete methods, and the properties on its member Field objects retain their respective read/write or read-only accessibility.

The Fields property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library.

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