RawTable Property (AddressEntries Collection)

RawTable Property (AddressEntries Collection)

The RawTable property returns an IUnknown pointer to the MAPI table object underlying the AddressEntries collection. Not available to Microsoft® Visual Basic® applications. Read/write.



Data Type

Variant (vbDataObject format)


The RawTable property is not available to Visual Basic programs. It is accessible only by C/C++ programs that deal with IUnknown objects. Visual Basic supports the IDispatch interface and not IUnknown. The RawTable property is an IUnknown object that returns an IMAPITable interface in response to QueryInterface. For more information, see Introduction to Automation and How Programmable Objects Work. Also see the "COM and ActiveX Object Services" section of the Microsoft Platform SDK.

If your application uses any MAPIOBJECT or RawTable properties, it must Release them all before calling the Session object's Logoff method. Failure to do so can result in unexpected behavior.

The RawTable property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library.

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