Session Property (All CDO Library Objects)

Session Property (All CDO Library Objects)

The Session property returns the top-level Session object associated with the specified CDO Library object. Read-only.


Set objSession = object.Session

Data Type

Object (Session)


The Session object represents the highest level in the CDO Library object hierarchy. If you invoke the Session property of a Session object, it returns the same Session object.

The Session property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library.


' Function: Folder_Session
' Purpose: Access the Folder's Session property and display its name
' See documentation topic: Session property
Function Folder_Session()
Dim objSession2 As Session ' Session object to get the property
' error handling here ...
If objFolder Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "No active folder; please select Session->Inbox"
    Exit Function
End If
Set objSession2 = objFolder.Session
If objSession2 Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Unable to access Session property"
    Exit Function
End If
MsgBox "Folder's Session property's Name = " & objSession2.Name
Set objSession2 = Nothing
' error handling here ...
End Function

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