ConversationTopic Property (Message Object)

ConversationTopic Property (Message Object)

The ConversationTopic property specifies the subject of the conversation thread of the message. Read/write.



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A conversation is a group of related messages. The ConversationTopic property is the string that describes the overall topic of the conversation. To be considered as messages within the same conversation, the messages must have the same value in their ConversationTopic property. The ConversationIndex property represents an index that indicates a sequence of messages within that conversation.

When you start an initial message, set the ConversationTopic property to a value appropriate to all messages within the conversation, not only to the first message. For many applications, the messages Subject property is appropriate.

CDO does not automatically copy the ConversationTopic property to other messages unless you are making an exact copy with the CopyTo method. When your application creates replies to an original message, you should set the ConversationTopic property to the same value as that of the original message. To change the ConversationTopic for all messages in a conversation thread, you must change the property within each message in that thread.

For more information on conversations, see Working With Conversations.

The ConversationTopic property is not exposed on AppointmentItem objects created by Microsoft® Schedule+, and it is not automatically set when an application creates an appointment in a Schedule+ calendar folder. In these cases, the application must assign a value to ConversationTopic or an attempt to read it returns CdoE_NOT_FOUND. If you create an appointment in a Microsoft® Outlook® calendar folder, ConversationTopic is initially set to an empty string.

The ConversationTopic property corresponds to the MAPI property PR_CONVERSATION_TOPIC. It can be rendered into HTML hypertext using the CDO Rendering ObjectRenderer object. To specify this, set the object renderer's DataSource property to this Message object and the property parameter of the RenderProperty method to CdoPR_CONVERSATION_TOPIC.


See the examples for the ConversationIndex property and for the Session objects CreateConversationIndex method.

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