RenderLink Method (ObjectRenderer Object)

Important  The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 Rendering objects are not installed by or supported for use with Exchange Server 2003 or later.

The RenderLink method renders an HTML link to a specified object.


strHTML = objObjectRend.RenderLink( [varResponseObject] )


On successful return, contains a string with the HTML hypertext representing the link. However, if the varResponseObject parameter is supplied, RenderLink returns a value of Empty.


Required. The ObjectRenderer object.


Optional. Object. An Active Server response object used to accumulate HTML output to send to the browser. This parameter is used primarily in ASP applications. If varResponseObject is not supplied, the output is written to strHTML.


The RenderLink method renders a link to the object currently specified in the DataSource property. The rendering information is supplied in the LinkPattern property.

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