Count Property (Fields Collection)

Count Property (Fields Collection)

The Count property returns the number of Field objects in the collection. Read-only.



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This code fragment maintains a global variable as an index into the small collection, and uses the Count property to check its validity:

' from Fields_NextItem
' iFieldsCollIndex is an integer used as an index
'   check for empty collection ...
'   check index upper bound
    If iFieldsCollIndex >= objFieldsColl.Count Then
        iFieldsCollIndex = objFieldsColl.Count
        MsgBox "Already at end of Fields collection"
        Exit Function
    End If
    ' index is < count; can be incremented by 1
    iFieldsCollIndex = iFieldsCollIndex + 1
    Set objOneField = objFieldsColl.Item(iFieldsCollIndex)
    If objOneField Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Error, cannot get this Field object"
        Exit Function
        MsgBox "Selected field # " & iFieldsCollIndex
    End If

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