Attachments Property (Message Object)

Attachments Property (Message Object)

The Attachments property returns a single Attachment object or an Attachments collection object. Read-only.


Set objAttachColl = objMessage. Attachments

Set *objOneAttach = objMessage.*Attachments(index)


Object. An Attachments collection object.


Object. The Message object.


Object. A single Attachment object.


Long. Specifies the number of the attachment within the Attachments collection. Ranges from 1 to the value specified by the Attachments collections Count property.

Data Type

Object (Attachment or Attachments collection)


You can change individual Attachment objects within the Attachments collection, Add them to the collection, and Delete them from the collection. However, unlike the Recipients property, the Attachments property is read-only, so you cannot, for example, copy the complete Attachments collection to another message with a single instruction.

Although the Attachments property itself is read-only, the collection it returns can be accessed in the normal manner through its Add and Delete methods, and the properties on its member Attachment objects retain their respective read/write or read-only accessibility.

The Attachments property does not correspond to a MAPI property and cannot be rendered into HTML hypertext by the CDO Rendering Library. If a single Attachment object is returned, it could be rendered as an object by setting the ObjectRenderer object's DataSource property to the Attachment object returned by the Attachments property.


This code fragment uses the Attachments property to retrieve an attachment of the message:

' from the sample function Message_Attachments
    Set objAttachColl = objOneMsg.Attachments
    If objAttachColl Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "unable to set Attachments collection"
        Exit Function
        MsgBox "Attachments count for this msg: " & objAttachColl.Count
        iAttachCollIndex = 0 ' reset global index variable
    End If
' from the sample function Attachments_FirstItem
    iAttachCollIndex = 1
    Set objAttach = objAttachColl.Item(iAttachCollIndex)

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