ReminderMinutesBeforeStart Property (AppointmentItem Object)

ReminderMinutesBeforeStart Property (AppointmentItem Object)

The ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property indicates how many minutes before the start of this appointment a reminder should be issued. Read/write.



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The ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property must contain a positive integer. It is not enabled unless the ReminderSet property contains True. ReminderMinutesBeforeStart defaults to 15 minutes in a newly created AppointmentItem object.

You should not attempt to access ReminderMinutesBeforeStart without first verifying that ReminderSet is True. If ReminderSet is False, reading or writing ReminderMinutesBeforeStart returns CdoE_NOT_FOUND.

The ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property can theoretically be set as high as 2,147,483,647, which represents more than 4000 years. However, CDO checks that the designated reminder date/time is valid, that is, not earlier than January 1, 1601, the earliest date/time that can be represented in Microsoft® Windows NT®. If ReminderMinutesBeforeStart is outside the limits of validity, CDO returns CdoE_INVALID_OBJECT when you call the Send or Update method.

Note   If you set the ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property on an appointment and then make the appointment into a meeting by sending it to one or more recipients, the value of ReminderMinutesBeforeStart for each recipient depends on how that recipient processes the meeting request. If the recipient uses a CDO Library application or Microsoft® Outlook®, your setting of ReminderMinutesBeforeStart is preserved. If the recipient uses Microsoft® Schedule+, ReminderMinutesBeforeStart is reset to the default value of 15 minutes. In either case, the value can be altered as desired on the recipient's version of the AppointmentItem object.

Schedule+ also resets ReminderMinutesBeforeStart to 15 minutes for any recipient that resets ReminderSet to False.

Calendar folders are not supported in the public folders store provided with Microsoft® Exchange, and AppointmentItem objects are stored as Message objects. An attempt to read or write ReminderMinutesBeforeStart in this case returns CdoE_NO_SUPPORT.

Changes you make to properties on an AppointmentItem object take effect when you call the Send or Update method.

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