Topic Status

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010

The Topic Status located at the top of each topic indicates the current state of the content in the topic. The following table describes the various status values that are used by the Microsoft Exchange documentation team.

Topic status values in Exchange 2010 documentation

Value Description

Writing Not Started

The topic is present in the table of contents, but it contains either no content or incomplete content. Incomplete content could include legacy Exchange documentation.


Content is being written or updated.

Ready for Tech Review

Content is ready to be reviewed by subject matter experts.

In Tech Review

Content has been submitted for review.

Revising Per Tech Review

Review comments are being analyzed and incorporated by the writer.


Content is being edited for syntax, structure, and technical accuracy.

Revising Per Edit

Edits are being analyzed and incorporated by the writer.

Back to Editor

Content has been revised per edits and is being analyzed and incorporated by editor.

Ready for Copy Edit

Content is ready for copy edit.

Revising Per Copy Edits

Copy edits are being analyzed and incorporated by the editor.

Milestone Ready

Content has been reviewed for technical accuracy and edited.

Content Complete

Content is complete and is applicable to the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of Exchange 2010.