Move Mailboxes from Exchange 2007 Servers to Exchange 2010 Servers

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010

Moving mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service PackĀ 2 (SP2) to Exchange Server 2010? Consider the following:

  • The move process is performed online, and end-users will be able to access their mailboxes during the move.
  • You can't move mailboxes from Exchange 2007 SP1 or earlier. The source Mailbox server must be running Exchange 2007 SP2 or later.
  • Perform the move from a server running Exchange 2010 by using the Exchange Management Console or the move request cmdlets in the Exchange Management Shell. You can't use the Move-Mailbox cmdlets in Exchange 2007 to move mailboxes to Exchange 2010 servers.

For detailed instructions about how to move mailboxes, see Managing Move Requests.

To learn more about moving mailboxes, see Understanding Move Requests.