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Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

Policy Tips are informative notices that your users see in their Outlook 2013 client while they're composing a message. Policy Tips help users understand that they may be violating the business practices or policies that you’re enforcing with your organization’s DLP policies. You may want to provide a link to your organization's compliance policy for users, and that's what the Compliance URL field is for. Users can click the link that you provide, so make sure it points to a relevant web page.

Tips for writing a compliance URL

Your compliance URL will only show up if you set up a DLP policy rule with an action that will cause your notification to appear. In other words, you can create a policy tip that isn’t associated with any rules, so make sure that you add the Notify the sender with a Policy Tip action to your rule. (Need help creating a transport rule? Check out Manage Transport Rules.)

URL restrictions

Your link needs to be in the http:// or https:// style. For example, http://example.com. Other types of URLs won’t work.

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